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9th illy at Toronto_Montreal_Ottawa Comiccon and FanExpo Canada

I Create Empires when I'm Inspired

Shortly after appearing in XXL Magazine the 9th illy creator (Mark Haynes) decided to display his idea at Toronto Comic Con to see how comic book fans would respond to it.

The reviews were so positive from the first show that 2 more cities (Montreal, Ottawa) were added to the comic book tour.

Fan Expo Canada (which is the largest Comics, Sci-fi, Horror, Anime, and Gaming event in Canada and 3rd largest Pop Culture event in North America) was the last and most successful stop on the 2015 tour.

Within one year because of the demand from fans for a 9th illy graphic novel it went from a digital comic in 2015 to a full graphic novel in 2016.

The print version of book 1 debuted at the 2015 Toronto Comic Con and is online.

The teaser for Book 2 featuring Mobb Deep is available now and the full version is expected to hit stores and online in the summer.

BOOK 1 available soon
BOOK 2  preview
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