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"XXL Magazine gives Canadian comic book worldwide exposure"

In the Spring 2015 issue of XXL Magazine covered by Meek Mill and Rick Ross a Canadian comic book was exposed to the world.

An ad for the 9th illy comic graced the pages of the icon hip hop magazine for the first time.

The issue had a great article on Wu Tang legend Raekwon who also has a guest appearance in book 1 of the series.

The dream of shining a brighter light on the hip hop inspired adventure series was one step closer to becoming a reality after the XXL Mag issue came out.

The creative mind behind 9th illy was well aware of the advantages associated with having a booth set up at various comic book conventions and with that in mind started an official tour later that month.

The first stop on the tour was at The Toronto Comic Con followed by Montreal and Ottawa as well as a stop at the 2nd largest convention in North America (Fan Expo Canada).

"Comic book conventions are a good way to engage my fans and network with other

businesses and like minded individuals" -Mark Haynes

With stops in all the same cities, in store comic book signing's and motivational speaking engagements at local schools the second tour the following year far surpassed the first.

After book 1 started gaining momentum through conventions, media, and word of mouth

curious onlookers quickly became fans. Those fans helped the book reach television talk shows.

Rogers TV decided to shine some light on the comic with a 2 part interview.

Part 1 was more of an introduction, while part 2 was a straight up demonstration of what to expect when dropping by the 9th illy booth at a convention.

9th illy ROGERS TV interview

Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Comic cons, and Fan Expo

BOOK 1 available soon
BOOK 2  preview
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